Pretty Party Company

Handmade party decorations: unique, like you.

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Pretty Party Company had a major branding issue. The challenge was customers would order from Pretty Party Company off of Etsy, but they would associate the handmade party decor they received with Etsy and not with Pretty Party Company.

The goal for Pretty Party Company was to create brand recognition and loyalty so that their customers would recognize their name and quality and refer their new party decorations to their friends and family.

The strategy was to create an inside look at the unique company and entrepreneur by showcasing their day-to-day lifestyle on Instagram. Follow Spike consulted Pretty Party Company on how to create that brand loyalty and we boosted their Instagram account as well, targeting party people all across the U.S.

Vinny does not have the time to actively engage on social media they way he would like. He can’t find a way to save time and build his online community and brand.

Pretty Party Company has since 2.5x their revenue through creating a recognizable brand using an efficient referral system that allowed repeat customers to bring on more customers and increase business. Their Instagram grew from 0 to 4,000+.