Eunoia Collective

Non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining children's mental health.

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Eunoia Collective needed to start and build their social media presence. Because Eunoia is a nonprofit startup, she struggled with finding a cost-effective way to market.

Victoria, the CEO, wanted to create a community around her mission to prove to the nonprofit world that her cause was extremely important.

Follow Spike set up a boosting strategy and consulted for Eunoia Collective. Although the account was starting at zero, we were very confident that the mission and the message would resonate if delivered properly and to the right audience.

Vinny does not have the time to actively engage on social media they way he would like. He can’t find a way to save time and build his online community and brand.

Eunoia Collective grew their community to the thousands, with posts reaching up to 50% engagement and website traffic at an all-time high.